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My other projects.
People think I spend all my time working on this (obviously slowly if it's taking this long) but I have many other things I work on in my spare time. These are a few of my past, and current, projects from over the years.

The jet powered beer cooler
A home made jet engine used to cool my beer.

The building of the jet
How I built the jet engine.

Beer brewing Bender
A lifesized Bender robot from Futurama with a real 6502 CPU for a brain and the ability to brew beer inside himself.

Dr Who TARDIS MAME conolse
I made an accurate 3/4 scale TARDIS and used it to house a custom built MAME console.

Camaro slot car camera
Back when little cameras weren't quite so common I put a camera into a Scalextric model model of a Camaro and filmed the exciting action of it racing around my living room.

Steampunk record player
No fake glued on cogs here! Real steam and real punk. More details are available here.

1978 MGB restoration
Total rebuild and restoration of a 1978 MGB roadster car. My first full car restoration and now my daily driver until I finish....

Building an 1937 Austin 7 special
My period correct Austin 7 sports car. This was a total build from almost nothing. She features a hand made, gas welded aluminium body of my own design and construction. The 750CC engine will be supercharged.

My new project blog
Somewhere along the way someone invented blogs so now all my projects are documented there. Some of the main projects are listed below.

Orwell - a home made 6502 computer
Orwell is a 6502 processor based computer I am making to equal a lot of the home computers available in the 1980s. My own first machine was a Vic 20 in 1984 so this machine is made to be similar to that. I've ported the original 197 MS Basic to run on it and using it to review all of the 80s Usborne computing books anyone who grew up in that era will remember fondly.

Usborne computer book reviews
All done on the previously mentioned Orwell computer. After taking some time to collect a whole set via eBay and other online auctions I can now finally review each book in turn. I add functionality to the Orwell machine as needed to do the reviews.

Model railway dining table
A dining table housing an N gauge model railway under a glass top. The table was custom made from Rimu timber. In keeping with the railway theme the top is made fomr Rimu floorboard taken from the original Auckland Railway station.

John Steed marionette puppet
A working marionette I made of John Steed from The Avengers. He is based on the style of the 1960s Thunderbird puppets and he talks via a remote control watch. His eyes and mouth move in time with his speech.

Arduino Taipan!
A port of the classic Apple 2 game Taipan! running on the Arduino (well two Arduinos). The port is faithful to the original, including the bugs, although the graphics are simplified. The whole game is housed in a hollowed out first edition of the original Taipan book.

Apple 2 emulator in an ammo tin
I stuffed the guts of a PC into a .50 cal ammo tin to run as an Apple 2 emulator.

Using SDR to recieve weather satellite pictures
After previously using custom hardware to receive weather satellite pictures I played with using SDR (software defined radio) with some great results.

Home aluminium foundry
Melting and casting aluminium at home. The first useful thing I cast is described in my Austin 7 building blog here.

London bus sign
This is a wall mounted housing to display a bus blind from a London bus. A motor and switch allows you to change the destination as required.

Building a better NERF gun
This is a NERF pistol I made. This project was eventually written up in MAKE magazine.

Building a better NERF gun
This is a NERF pistol I made. This project was eventually written up in MAKE magazine.

Other random projects.
TARDIS cufflinks.
Brass wristlet navigation device.
A rocking horse for my niece.
A play oven for my niece.
The Godfather horses head hot water bottle cosy.
An electrostatic Wimshurst machine.
A GPS based clock.
Fixing a Miele s5210 vacuum cleaner.
Realising I had a Tic-Tac addiction.

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